Soak in a hot spring under the stars

Boulder City, Sjedinjene Države

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The night begins at the trail head, next to the hoover dam. We ready ourselves with our headlamps, load our packs, and begin our decent into the canyon. The hike is 6 miles long, with a variety of challenging, yet enjoyable obstacles that all ages can attempt. Guests will have to ascend/descend ropes, scale rocks, and marvel at the honed canyon walls. But the best part, are the hot springs. About 3/4 of the way down there our some beautiful springs the guests can hop in as a reward for the long hike in. If guests do not desire to get in these pools we will push onward towards the end of our hike, the Colorado river. It is as majestic as it is crucial to the existence of our fair city. From power, and our main water source this river has literally shaped the surrounding lands making even a barren desert, rich with life. After a much needed rest we will begin the ascent back up the canyon. This hike usually takes 3.5 - 5 hours based off the pace of the hikers.

All guests should have proper footwear, with decent grip, also waterproof is recommended.
Other things to note
This hike is very manageable by most hikers, but there are some physical obstacles that will demand some exertion.
The night begins at the trail head, next to the hoover dam. We ready ourselves with our headlamps, load our packs, and begin our decent into the canyon. The hike is 6 miles long, with a variety of challenging, yet enjoyable obstacles that all ages can attempt. Guests will have to ascend/descend ropes, scale rocks, and marvel at the honed canyon walls. But the best part, are the hot springs. About 3/4 of the way down there our some beautiful…

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I am a true patron of the outdoor arts around my city, Las Vegas. I am a true local, born and raised, a quintessential desert dweller. My passion is showing that there is so much more to see than just the neon lights of the Strip and if you have an adventurous soul, than I have just the thing to satisfy it.

I have been hiking these areas since I was a young boy, camping, fishing, hiking. You name it I have done it. I have taken many traveler's through this beautiful landscape and now I am ready to cater to Airbnb's demographic.
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The hot springs are a local gem. This canyon is a popular hike among the local community but many tourists overlook this spot due to the lack of prominent information.

This perspective of the Colorado river is truly unique because this is where the water is most clear, at the base of the dam.

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novembar 2021.
This was my group's favourite experience during the entire Vegas trip! The hike was very fun and Jake was great in helping us maneuver the landscape. The hot springs were great too! Jake is knowledgable about the area and has lots of great stories to tell during the hike. Have already raved about this experience to my friends and will definitely recommend it to others.
oktobar 2021.
This is a fun experience, it's really challenging but Jake is a great guide and the hot springs are definitely worth it. You still have to work for it though.
oktobar 2021.
Without a doubt one of the best experiences, hands down!!! In my opinion it’s a MUST If you come to vegas. Our guide/host/friends Jake and Stephanie were absolutely amazing. Jake is a great guide. He is friendly, a great conversationalist, knowledgeable, caring, funny, and extremely supportive no matter your skill level. Stephanie joined the hike as the official photographer but she is so much more. She was just as knowledgeable, approachable, caring and empowered all of us feel great about the endeavor. She went out of her way to get great videos and photos of all of us and individually. They allowed us to stay longer at the hot springs, had great music, and deep conversations about life. Both Jake and Stephanie made this experience an unforgettable memory that we will cherish for life! The hike itself is amazing, challenging but absolutely accessible. The hot springs at the end of the hike were beautiful- wish I could stayed overnight. Lol. Book this experience NOW!!!
oktobar 2021.
This hike was absolutely amazing and breathtaking!! Completely worth the work to get there ✨ Jake is absolutely amazing with each guest. Your safety is his first priority and for the first time and/or beginner hikers he makes you feel extremely safe and assists with every rope climb, descend, ascend, tricky spots or spots you’re not comfortable with. Time is not an issue for him so if it takes more time to get through the hike Jake is extremely patient and happy to go at your pace. He has the best attitude! Always happy, funny, & knowledgeable. I went in a group and we had a blast! Laughing, singing, talking, dancing, swimming along the way and back. The hot springs are sensational, the stargazing is like nothing you can see in the city and it just feels like you struck gold at the end lol. *If you are a beginner or this is your first time hiking I will suggest some things to wear and bring that will assist with feeling even more comfortable on this hike. Please be aware the hike takes 2 hours to reach the hot springs and 2.5 hours back (depending on your speed or speed of the group) as this can become tiresome on the way back. Make sure to eat right before and bring some good snacks as you will get hungry from exerting so much energy. Jake brings water but I would suggest to bring at least 4 bottles of water yourself so Jake has extra for everyone. I brought 1 bottle of water and drank 4 more of Jake’s water bottles and I am not one who drinks lots of water if any. ATTIRE: please make sure to wear shoes that have very good grip. Some of the rocks are naturally slippery and traction is very important especially when ascending/descending rocks using the ropes. There are spots where your shoes will get wet & it will make it difficult to climb the rocks. Therefore good traction on your shoes is essential. I would also suggest wearing thick pants/leggings so you can slide down some of the rocks. Thick long sleeve would also be beneficial as you might get some scrapes or burns from the rocks. I recommend gloves with grip for the times you have to hold the rope as it can burn your hand when you’re holding on tight to climb up/down. MOST IMPORTANTLY bring sandals, a towel & extra clothes to change into if you are going to soak in the hot springs. Extra socks, pants, underwear/bra (for women) & shirt. Otherwise your feet will hurt from walking on the rocks to the hot springs. Wet clothes is never fun to have to put on lol. You will dry by the time you get back from the hike but in case it’s cold or you don’t like feeling wet bring some extra clothes. All of this will fit in a back pack. PLEASE DO NOT BRING A DUFFEL BAG 🤣 which I did and it was not practical by any means! 🤣
maj 2021.
This experience was super awesome. It was our first hike and we were fine even though it was very difficult. Mike did a great job and at certain points even let us use him as a ladder! Even my 220 pound, 6ft boyfriend he was able to lift and help. He will take care of you and make sure you’re okay. I would definitely do this experience again. I was so shocked that I was able to do something like this. Thanks for helping me see myself in a different light, Mike!
april 2021.
If you are reading this review then hit confirm now!! This is an experience you won’t regret. Jake is charismatic, knowledgeable about the area and the experience was fantastic. There are a few areas of the climb that are challenging for someone that isn’t used to hiking but Jake will be there every step of the way to get you through it! I can’t say enough good things about this experience and Jake as a guide!

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