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Taste the Sun
Hello, I will be sharing my passion for solar cooking and green fuels with my guests. This activity will be conducted on our terrace in Kharadi, Pune. Our guests will enjoy slow-cooked delicious meals cooked on solar cookers, biogas, biochar cookers. We will follow the following itinerary. 10:30 -10:40 -Introduction of participants along with a welcome drink 10:40-11:00 - Introduction to solar cookers, biochar cookers and biogas and we place the ingredients in various cookers for cooking. 11:00-11:40 - Discussion about using renewable energy fuels for cooking, traditions related to cooking ,etc. 11:40-12:00 - Introduction to biochar and briquette making 12:00-12:20 - Game/Quiz/ Story session on Environment, Energy and Climate 12:20-13:00 - We will savor delicious lunch 13:00-13:10 - Group photo and feedback 13:10-13:20 - Guests can buy environmental products as souveniers
Bean to Bar Chocolate Factory Tour
Located in Hamrapur (about 60 kms north of Mumbai), we are looking at a half day activity. We will conduct a factory tour of our brand new facility. This is a thoroughly guided tour explaining the process of bean to bar chocolate making. This is followed by chocolate tasting (different varieties from our own brand) and knowledge workshop (some theoretical knowledge on the ancient and modern history of cacao), with some hands on chocolate making. The guests will also be able to purchase our products at the end of the tour. Other things to note: - Please arrange for your round trip drop off and pick up. We are not responsible for arranging transport. - Consumption of snacks and drinks in production area is not permitted. - COVID protocols will be in place at the factory. - Photography is permitted but at limited locations in the factory. Note: Starting Sept 2022, the factory tour will be chargeable with a nominal fee. Our guests will receive a chocolate bar of their choice against this fee, after they finish the factory visit.
Walking tour of historic Old Nashik
The old city of Nashik is a treasure trove for visitors who are looking for an adventure deep down the history lane. We will start our tour in Panchwati, at the iconic Kala Ram Temple, where I will not only talk about this particular temple but also introduce you to the basics of Indian temple architecture. We will take the narrow lane, which will take us to Ramkund, the world-famous site of Kumbh Mela. I will narrate the mythological and ritualistic importance of this place. We will take a stroll along river Godawari and see many more heritage sites like NaRo Shankar Shiva Temple, Sundar Narayan Temple, Gora Ram Temple, and the ghaat constructed along the river. We will stop at the most Instagram-worthy places along the way. We will take one of the oldest bridges of Nashik to cross over to the Old Town part where we will see Bhandi Bazaar (vessel market) and visit SarkarWada museum located in a 18th-century building. This building is in the heart of Saraf Bazaar (jewelry market), where we will spend some time taking photos. Note: Please book a Wednesday afternoon slot to experience the vibrant farmer's market at the ghaat. This part of the old town is famous for old shops and beautiful wadas (residential complexes) unique to this part of the country. We end our tour with a cup of steaming hot tea.
Guided Full Mumbai Sightseeing Tour in Air Con Car
Join me with one of the must things to do in Mumbai, definitely the full Mumbai city sightseeing tour. My sightseeing tour makes it unique because it's an all inclusive tour, where you don't need to spend anything extra. I will meet you at the Gateway of India. We will use an air condition vehicle thoroughly the tour. I will take you to all the tourist places of the city also explore the hidden part of the city. After the tour I will drop you back to the starting point. Here is the itinerary of my city sightseeing tour in Mumbai. Victoria Train Station, Municipal Corporation Office, Maharashtra Police Head Quarters, Gateway of India, Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Sasoon Dock, Indian Military Area, Afghan Church, Dhobhi Ghat, Flora Fountain, Shane Watson Hotel, Oval Cricket Ground, Mumbai University, Big Ben Clock of India, Bombay High Court, Nariman Point, City Parliament, Governor's House, Churchgate Railway Station, Marine Drive, Girgaun Chowpatty, Jain Temple, Hanging Garden, Kamla Nehru Park, Gandhiji's House Of Mumbai, Mahalakshmi Race-Course, Colaba Causeway - Street shopping of souvenirs for friends, Crawford Market - Spice Market, Pets Market, Dry-fruits Market.
Slumdog Millionaire tour of Dharavi slum in Mumbai
Join me to experience the largest slum of Asia - Dharavi. This walking tour of Dharavi slum will give you an eye opening experience. You will be able to see plastic recycling, aluminium recycling, leather industries, clothing manufacturers, soap factories, residential area's, pottery art & many more. You will be able to get interact with the locals of the slum. This slum tour will show you the reality of Dharavi slum. Looking forward to show you my slum.
Indian Cooking Class & Spice Market Tour with Akasha
We will meet at my home and we will involve ourselves in cooking activity. While cooking I will be sharing a lot of information about cooking and our culture. We will prepare traditional Indian dishes. Mushroom Tikka Masala Mushrooms marinated in a yogurt sauce with herbs and spices and baked, then served in a cooked tomatoes gravy Onion Pakoda Onions dipped in a batter made from gram flour and spices and served with salsa. Mint Chutney Palak Paneer Fresh paneer serves in a thick paste made from puréed spinach and seasoned with garlic and other spices. Special Jeera Rice. After everything is prepared we will sit together and eat later I would take around to show you my neighborhood Other things to note If you need anything special write in advance. I also have vegan option. Facebook project page Akasha Cooking Class
Monsoon Sea-side Exploratory Trail
Our meeting point is Keri Beach - the Northernmost tip of Goa with the Arabian sea on the west and the state of Maharashtra in the north. After warm welcome followed by a briefing of your day with us, we will head out on an exploration of the vast Paliyem Platue at a leisurely pace or one that suites your fitness level. You will experience various geographical features, starting with a short walk on the beach , trudge a thick forested slope , wander a laterite platue with a lot of vegetation and little streams during the monsoons, water break and pictures at a cliff face and then we will follow a forest stream which flows into a fresh water pond on the beach, there are several rock pools inviting us to cool off before we walk across the beach (Kollum Beach ) and then onto a hill trail with the splendid Arabian sea for company and mesmerizing vistas on the way , finally we will arrive at Keri Beach.
The other side of Mumbai!!
We will start at the Cuffe Parade community where we will not only experience but also participate in the daily activities of Mumbaikars. We will start at the laundry market (Dhobi Ghat). Next, we will help some families in filling their daily water supply, interact with local people & also visit a house which will give you an idea as to how people live happily together in the smallest of houses. We will end the tour with some local tea or fresh coconut water. Be ready to receive lots of smiles & greetings during this entire tour!! Other things to note During the monsoons (June to September), please carry an umbrella / raincoat. As the community could get muddy incase of heavy rain, please wear appropriate footwear. We do not recommend slippers! We recommend to be appropriately dressed. (No shorts / slevelees tops)
Ananta Ecostays Private Waterfall trek and swim
Join us for a nature-related activity under waterfalls surrounded by mountains wherein our experienced professional shall be giving the guest an entire tour of the waterfall located nearby our property highlighting all details of the location and thus creating beautiful memories that one can cherish forever with their family and friends. We also have life jackets for people who can’t swim in the natural pool created by the waterfall .
Exploring Nashik's forest with a local conservationist
Join me on one of the most beautiful, offbeat forest trails, which is away from tourist traps and create memories you cannot forget. We will drive down from the meeting point together till the forest patch. In the car I will share various wildlife stories of Nashik. Once we reach, we will meet our local guide and start the walk through a thick canopy evergreen forest which comes under the world famous Western Ghats. You will see variety of trees, wildflowers, butterflies, birds, mammals and listen to the forest music. Some of the biodiversity which we will encounter will be endemic and can only be experienced in Western Ghats. Additionally, in monsoon season we will enjoy a mind-blowing waterfall. We will also participate in real-time research by documenting the birds we encounter. All this, and we will walk on an undulating terrain for around four miles. This trail is easy and fun for beginners. The local guide accompanying us is well versed with the surrounding and will be with us for our safety. He will also share local traditional information of the area. When we return, we'll end our time together with local food.
A walk through Sasoon Docks
We will begin with visiting one of the oldest & biggest fishing colonies in Mumbai - Sassoon Dock. Here we will witness how hundreds of Mumbaikars start their day & earn their daily livelihood. We will see the cleaning & peeling of prawns, the ice factories for the fishing boats, a live fish auction, an actual fishing boat & many more activities. It is an absolute vibrant & buzzing place which is a great way to start your day & tour.
The Pinnacle Fort Hike
On an early morning, we will leave the chaos of the city and climb one of my favorite mountains near Mumbai. The mountain is home to an exciting abandoned rocky pinnacle fort & offers the best and the most authentic Maharashtrain food in the state. After only 1.5 hrs travel time from the city, we find ourselves at the base of this mountain & within the wilderness. Soon, we begin our hike and reach a tiny hill-top village that is placed midway to the summit. The village is home to a population of 200 tribal people & is accessible only on foot. This is where we will stop for a quick breakfast, some refreshments & most importantly a soothing hot cup of chai (tea) made by the tribals. After this, we will continue our hike towards the 2300 ft summit after climbing numerous hand-carved bastion rock-cut steps that were carved a few centuries ago when the pinnacle was used as a fort by a number of empires. On arrival at the summit, we will relax and breathe in the majestic scenery that the pinnacle offers. For lunch, we will hike back to the village for a wholesome & scrumptious meal. After a satisfying lunch & interaction with the tribals, we will head down & travel back to the city just the way we arrived. Other things to note This is a 2.5 hr hike going up while coming down is shorter. The hike can be considered as easy to moderate grade.
Hindi Basics with MJ
We'll learn some simple yet useful words and phrases and you'll have the chance to try them and test your understanding. For anyone who is into teaching, would be aware of the benefits of the Self Access learning method. This method lets you practice your learning in an immediate environment to better enhance it. This is an informal and friendly class. You'll be learning in a fun environment from a native speaker. Learning that's not monotonous and boring, it will be interactive and enjoyable. You'll make some new friends, chit-chat in Hindi, munch on some bar-snacks and create fun memories. What better way of learning a language than from a native? Please Note : You will be learning basic and colloquial Hindi, as I am sure you are aware it is not possible to learn an entire language in a few hours. You will be learning basics that will help you while traversing the country. Other things to note Guests need to be able to understand English as it's the medium of instruction. Don't have to be fluent, but basic knowledge is required. Please inform me in advance if you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions so preparations can be made accordingly.
Experiencing Salarjung Museum & More
We will move towards Salarjung Museum directly from the pickup point. Salar Jung Museum of Hyderabad is the third largest museum in India. It was declared open on 16th December, 1951 by the first prime minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru. Salarjung Museum is popularly known for being one of the largest one-man collection of the world, it is one of the most famous sightseeing places that must be visited. What makes Salar Jung Museum all the more special is its location. It is located quite close to the other tourist spots of Hyderabad such as Charminar, Mecca Masjid, High Court, State Central Library, etc. With a magnificent building that paves way into a rich history from all over the world, Salar Jung Museum is a place that no art lover or a history enthusiasts can miss. It is nothing less than a treasure house. Salar Jung Museum present wide range of artefacts which have been majorly collected by Mir Yousuf Ali Khan also known as Salar Jung III along with Nawab Turab Ali Khan (Salar Jung I) and his descendants. Mir Yousuf Ali Khan dedicated his entire life collecting antiques and artefacts and spent a considerable amount of his wealth collecting these. After a detailed guided tour of the Museum, we will then visit Roastery Coffee House which is known for one of the best coffee in the city & a great continental lunch.
A Short shopping spree at Linking Road
We will start our 1.5 hour shopping spree at Linking Road,' one of the most popular shopping hub in Bandra', Also known as' Queen of Suburbs,We will meet at a Popular location. After a brief introduction,this will be our time to get to know each other and help me curate the experience best to your personal preference. This experience is designed to help you Shop and to feel the local flavour of the market Exploring local brands Spotting the best bargain for your buck Navigating through streets like a local Finally a Walk in the local garden (optional)depending on time/climate We’ll then begin navigating this stretch of about a kilometer, from little corners and shopping windows traversing through local streets. Spotting brands that are very local and unique to the city. Although Linking road has more options for Handbags and Foot wears you will also get wide range of junk jewelry & accessories too. And it's great for gifts to take back home If you have shortage of time but still want to dive into the world of fashion discounts, this is the experience you definitely want to book. You will definitely at least have one shopping bag & wearing a smile after this wonderful experience. Other things to note If you have any preference of time slot, dates,group size,Please send me a message, I will try my best to make some adjustments if Possible but a day Prior to final reservations My other Shopping Experience on Airbnb too, The link given below-
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