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Troubles Tour - With a Local
At Belfast City Hall you will be provided with an audio headset and receiver so you don’t miss a word. You’ll visit the City Hall before walking to the Peace Walls, approximately 20 minutes. You’ll receive a full, detailed and objective commentary to provide you with the historical and political background to ‘the Troubles’. Stopping at the International Wall, you’ll get a chance to view the political murals before you visit the Walls. There is ample time for photographs. You’ll return to Belfast City Centre, where you visit the Cathedral Quarter. You’ll meander in and out of historic entries, see the sights and see what’s hidden in plain sight. You’ll learn about our radical history, and the culture and art that makes Belfast such a vibrant and exciting city. You'll take in the City Centre & Albert Clock before the tour finishes in a historic church. You walk inside, you walk back to the late 1700s to a time of revolution and radicalism. Belfast is a city of contrasts, and the tour is designed to reflect that. Expect to be entertained, engaged and informed. The pace of this tour is moderate. You will walk approximately 4 miles in 2.5 hours. We sometimes have 4 seasons in one day, so dress appropriately.
Political Murals, StreetArt and Troubles
Let me take you on a walking tour, through the streets of Belfast, and using the medium of StreetArt and Political Murals. Share with you, how the people of Northern Ireland are coming together in Peace and Reconciliation after its rescent conflicts. Many of you will have heard of it referred to as The Troubles. We'll start with the more Modern International and Local Street Art, and show you some of the latest pieces from the yearly festival, that has over the years brought together the local and International streetart community. And as part of this we'll also take in the local Graffiti and how that has been integrated into what is siad to be the largest Eclectic Street Art Gallery in the World. We'll then head into the West of the City up the Shankill rd to discover, the Political Murals, and how they related to the troubles. And it is here you will also see a project called Reimaging Murals, which is all about taking the Political message off the walls. And putting up StreetArt and Sculptures that the local communities want, as they strive to create a more peaceful/harmonious society for their families. Well visit the Peace Gate on the Peace line, pass the International Wall. With Peace and Reconcilation and Political meassages from all over the World. Show you the Peace Wall. Bobby Sands and other examples of Political Murals. As we descend back into the city center
A History of Terror City Walking Tour
Starting at Belfast city hall (we meet at the front gates of City Hall in Donegall Square North) and finishing by the Beacon of Hope beside the river Lagan, the tour visits 7 locations in the city centre where major events occurred during the conflict. We start with a short introduction to Irish / British history and why the Troubles start in the late 1960’s. Over the course of 1.5 miles and 2 hours and 15 minutes we then tell the stories of each site; what happened and why, who was involved, and the effect these attacks had on the city and its people, affecting nearly every part of our daily lives. We also demonstrate the impact of the peace process; you will witness the social and cultural regeneration of the city as we walk through the Cathedral Quarter and waterfront areas where you will also see some of the street art that demonstrates our newfound vibrant culture. Throughout the tour we use visual aids with images of the Troubles and the places we visit from the 1960’s, 70’s & 80’s to help you envisage the realities of life then compared to now. The tour is factual and historically accurate to ensure it is unbiased and non-partisan, but we also weave our own stories into the tour to bring our history to life for you. There is also time built into the tour to ensure that questions are encouraged from guests and that our answers are meaningful.
Learn how to throw axes in Belfast
Following a warm welcome and guest sign in, the first thing we will do is a full safety briefing. This covers all aspects of our activity from beginning to end and provides guests with an opportunity to ask any questions they might have. Once this is complete we'll begin focussing on the basic technique of axe throwing and what is involved to do it well. Then it is axe throwing time where guests take their position in front of our targets! After a few goes they become accustomed to throwing and start to lose any inhibitions they might have had to begin with. All the while, I will be observing them and offering tips on technique and hints on how they can improve. We then slowly introduce a range of styles working towards some really fun throws that will really challenge them. Examples might be, 2 axes at once, a rapid fire round or throwing with the axes facing backwards. And finally, it's all vs all and time to put their new skills to the test in our golden axe competition! Other things to note Any difficulties in finding us, ask any member of the Cityside team to point you towards the axe throwing!
Belfast Bike Tour, Feel the City
Check out my Instagram at We’ll meet in the vibrant Titanic Quarter to get on our bikes and head off to experience Belfast We’ll check out the titanic slipways, a world war 1 battle ship and a 1970’s floating disco which used to ferry passengers to the Titanic itself. Not forgetting to stop for snaps at a Game of Thrones filming location. Over the River Lagan to kiss the big fish (salmon of Knowledge) and see Belfast’s own leaning tower. We’ll head in to Belfast’s hot spot, the Cathedral Quarter, and stop for some photos with some of the worlds best street art. Through the city center to see the magnificent city hall where I’ll tell which African City has the the exact same building within it. To one of Belfast’s oldest pubs and the most bombed hotel on the planet. ( It’s unlikely to happen again anytime soon) Heading south we reach the beautiful Belfast Botanical Gardens, Victorian era Palm House and Queens University. We reach the Lagan again and ride along, city bound, taking in the scenes along the way. One of our last stops will be the sumptuous St George’s market. The smells, tastes and sites will be unforgettable so we’ll take some time to sample as much as we can here. Not every experience will be the same and I can accommodate guests if there is something they really want to see or don’t wish to. Other things to note Belfast Centre is mostly flat and we will be travelling at a very leisurely pace so fitness shouldn’t be an issue. If you can ride a bike this tour is for you. The bikes are very simple and durable, perfect for the city. If it rains, we may get wet but we’ll still have fun.
Cave Hill By Night with Big Dave
Welcome to the original Cave Hill walking tour with your experienced local guide, Big Dave from Belfast! When you book this tour I will meet you at the west gate of Cave Hill Country Park (approximate meeting time is 6.30pm in winter or 8.30pm in summer. Exact meeting time to be confirmed upon booking). We will then walk the 4.5 mile / 7 kilometre trail up through the forest and to the top of the Cave Hill (1207ft / 368 mt high) and back down. (Trail is 4.5 miles in total, not each way!!). We will stop for breaks on request. I offer three different trails and all walking trails are undertaken at your own risk. Trail 1: Basic fitness required, gradual climb, mostly level surface Trail 2: Moderate fitness required, moderate climb, mixed surface (tree roots, stones, mud) Trail 3: Good fitness required, steep climb, uneven surfaces (tree roots, rocks, mud and scrambling on all fours) The flash lights to light up the dark trail will be provided at the start of the walk. At the summit we will be able to look out over Belfast city at night and enjoy a hot 'Norn Iron' toddy drink along with a well known and tasty snack that is made here in Northern Ireland. It is recommended to wear practical shoes (appropriate sole for forest trails) and dress appropriately to the weather forecast. If doing trail 3 I recommend wearing gloves. This experience takes approximately 3 hours.
Horse experience with Family and friends
You will be greeted at our stables by myself or Kirsty. You will be shown our tack room area where we can introduce ourselves and you can get a horse riding hat fitted. We will introduce you to our horses and a visit to the yard stables. We will choose a horse to suit you and begin to groom and tack them up. You will be accompanied at all times and encouraged to relax and enjoy your bonding with your horse. You will bring your horse to the indoor arena and learn about getting on the horse safely and correctly then the basics of how to ride the the horse ( English Style) Depending on how you want to progress you will spend 45mins on the horse. If the weather is wet or it is dark the session will be spent indoors in our arena. If dry and daylight, session can be spent hacking on our farm. We have spectacular views of Innishowen, Donegal, Binevenagh mountain an area of AONB and ASSI and also the Lough Foyle Other things to note If you have any questions or concerns about this experience please contact me. We want to know what you would most like to achieve from your time with us.
If Buildings Could Talk Tour
This tour has been called “The most entertaining tour in Belfast” Starting at "Visit Belfast" shop we will have a 2 hour 2 mile walk around the city centre where I will tell you stories of things that have happened in this City. Interesting, unusual and entertaining will be the norm for the day. 07714684804
Eclectic Belfast With a Local
We will be looking at the most historically and culturally significant spots in Belfast city centre. And hear the origins of the city from the arrival of the Celts around 500 BC(e) After exploring the Belfast City hall area. We'll discover the Linen Quarter and hear of it's past present and future. And the entries that lead to it. We'll pass the mouth of the river Blackstaff, before reaching the River Lagan.The only one of the four we can see today. Pausing to see and hear of some of the landmarks we can view from here. On past the Statue of Harmony, Albert Memorial Clock and Big Fish (Salmon of Knowledge) We'll view The Titanic Belfast Centre. Birthplace to the Titanic. And then dander(walk) on to discover the River Farset( Béal Féirste – meaning the mouth of the Farset) And the entries that lead to it. We will then head for the Cathedral Quarter enter some interesting spaces to hear of their past histories and see how local business has redeveloped them. See a lot of internationally famous Street-artists work and hear of the festivals that have created them. Continuing on past the Belfast Cathedral to hear and see projects like The Mac that are for the people by the people and promote Peace. Finishing in St. Annes Square. Being Bespoke for each group. You hear and see what makes Belfast stand out from other parts of Ireland. And discover many of its hidden gems.
Horse riding with experienced equestrian
Your experience comes in three steps! Step 1: (30 mins) You’ll spend time getting to know your horse with some hands-on grooming. Then you’ll have a demonstration on tacking up, what the various pieces of equipment are and how they are properly used. We’ll also look at walking a horse correctly and safely on the ground. Step 2: (60 mins) Riding assessment in enclosed arena/ on a lunge/long line. Basic riding commands and safety. Getting a feel for the horse’s rhythm and becoming comfortable on him. Step 3: (30 mins approx) Relax and enjoy a hack through our glorious 30-acre bog with purpose-built horse trail. Paddle through the ponds and observe some beautifully scenery and wildlife, and you may even hear the call of the elusive Cuckoo at certain times of the year. *My experience conforms with Airbnb and the World Animal Protection welfare guidelines.* All my horses have freedom of movement, adlib forage, companionship and access to veterinary care and farriery. They all hold passports with their up to date medical records and these records can be presented to any authorities on request. A weight limit of 16 stone applies to ride Hector, my biggest horse. Other things to note Suitable footwear and good physically fitness essential! Can you squat? Do a starjump? Guests acknowledge inherent risks associated with our sport, although every effort is taken to minimise these.
The story of a city
This is a maximum six persons tour. Visiting many important historical landmarks and areas, we leave the big tour groups behind and explore the city in our own small team. This adventure is handcrafted and led by a native Belfast man: a professional guide taking you on a personalised journey through the story of this great city. We see iconic buildings known throughout the world as a result of our recent "troubles": we look at the lives of the countless people who contributed to the development of the city and hear their stories. We see where they lived and worked and played and the buildings and monuments they left for posterity. It is a holistic experience for your mind and senses, that will immerse you in the culture and history of Belfast's past and present, as well as the special atmosphere of this vibrant and buzzing city. You will experience my favourite places and "secret" routes that lead us through historic and contemporary Belfast. We explore the defining late 18c period of "enlightenment"; look at the city through times of war and peace and contextualise the periods of unrest over the centuries. With actual walking time of less than one hour, there will be a number of rest stops & bathroom breaks.
City Walls History Tour
Walk in the footsteps of history. In my city walking tours, you will walk a complete circuit on and around the 400 year old historic walls of Derry/Londonderry, and if time permits a viewing the 2011 built modern peace bridge. The walls of the city were built between 1613-1619 and as we walk on and around the 1.5 km circumference in an approximate 1.5 hours, I will tell the history of the city from its origins and the monastery of St Columba in 542 AD, the coming of the English and Scottish planters in the 1600's, the 3 sieges of the city and in particular the Great Siege of 1688-1689, part of a major European conflict, emigration to the USA after the penal laws and Irish potato famine, industralisation,bridge building, railways and shirt factories, and its role in 2 World Wars, Partition, the Cold War and the recent Troubles and Peace Process. As the Walls are 400 years old and built on a hill, a moderate level of fitness is required. Some locations are not accessible by wheelchair but if advised in advance, I can modify the route. Evening darkness tours may follow a shorter modified route for safety reasons. If the dates or times you are interested in are not initially listed as available, please send me a message/question and I may be able to arrange a customised tour for you or your group.
Music, Street Art and Pub Experience
I'd discribe what we'll do as a fasinating introduction to help plan the rest of your time in an incredible city of the Future. A Pub Crawl it's not, others may call it a Barhop. But on my Experience we will take in some great venues that host live music and share it's musical history from its origins. View some pretty cool Street Art (Including graffiti and hidden streetart gems) and go on a wee dander through the streets of Belfast. And at the same time orientate you around the city center. Pointing out things to do. While giving you the rich and sometimes troubled History of Belfast, and Northern Ireland. We'll start in St. Annes Square. View sculptures and hear of things to do there (like the Mac) and an array of resturants. And then we will see Streetart by International Artists who descend on Belfast every year. Next we'll discover the birthplace of a new generation of musicians. And as we meander the narrow entries hear the history of music from its traditional beginning to its rock and roll, punk and modern gendres. And how they have influenced change in Northern Ireland. From its troubled past, to modern day peace and hopefulness. Other things to note Though we'll not enter any of the pubs we'll pass just now, I will share what happens within them. So you can return to them later that night or another. Finishing In plenty of time for the last Trains/Buses
Delightful Donkeys
You will visit the donkeys at Crockatinney Stables, situated between Ballycastle & Ballintoy. You will spend time grooming them, before putting on their halters and leading them out to the bog ground, where we will walk, talk and enjoy the company of the donkeys. We will return to the stables where you will unhalter the donkeys and fetch them their feed.
The Belfast Walking Tour
Led by an expert local guide and starting (and finishing) at our iconic City Hall, the tour is the perfect 2.5 hour introduction to the city of Belfast; its beautiful architecture, stunning street art, unique history and the amazing stories of its citizens from across the centuries. The tour is an amazing journey through the city’s history and its resilience. Everyone has heard of the Titanic and the Troubles, and you will of course hear about these on the tour, but there is so much more to discover. From the point where Belfast first got its name over 1,300 years ago, to historic buildings such as the Customs House, you will hear stories of some of the most intriguing people who called Belfast their home over the centuries. The tour will also take you through the cultural hub of the Cathedral Quarter, you will stroll beside the waterfront with views of the river Lagan and over to the shipyard where the Titanic was built over 100 years ago. And then explore the historic Entries at the heart of the city centre and see how they have now been turned into an outdoor art gallery. Finishing your tour at the Titanic Memorial back at City Hall, the entire walk is less than 2 miles and is an experience which will broaden your horizons, open your mind and if you take note of the guide’s recommendations for food and drink, will satisfy your body afterwards too!