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The ultimate Jamaican cooking experience
Hello my name is Claion. I am a trained an experienced chef. My guest/s will have the opportunity to join me on an ultimate Jamaican experience through Jamaican food, good conversations and laughter. We will start the experience by taking a trip to the Ocho Rios Jamaican Food Market. My guest/s will have the experience of purchasing fresh goods to prepare their meals. My guest/s will also have the opportunity to learn about the significants of many Jamaican dishes and how to create them. My guest/s and I will create their meals at the guest/s residence . Most of all my guest will enjoy an ultimate Jamaican meal, that includes tons of Jamaican spices and delicious flavors. As a friendly reminder, please note that all guest/s must provide a residence to cook their experience meal.
Kingston Popular Beaches, Rivers, and Food Experience
Greetings, on this journey we will start by having some real Jamaican vital breakfast which we will provide to help get your body started for your journey ahead. We will head out to the most popular beaches and rivers located on this side of town. Starting with Bob Marley Beach to Cane river. There will be many places to get food on route to each venue, so don’t leave your food money however Water will be provided for this journey. The first location will be Bob Marley Beach, get to enjoy the early rising sun and experience the natural salt waters, light exercise session (on request) . Next will be Cane River Falls, Climbing the hillside with a great view of the luscious mountains and then going through the caves to get to the fall (Adventurous). This is a whole day filled with fun and activities including of meeting locals while having the true Jamaican experience Starting @: 9am and Ending at 3pm (6hours). Transportation, Entrance Fees, drinking water, and breakfast will be provided by us. All locations will have food and drinks that can be purchased on this experience
Full course vegan cooking with chef vita in nature
The cooking experience will start off with short story of how chef vita learn how to cook vegan food from his mentor Jah-vita when he was growing up in trelawny, then there will be the start of the first cooking class that's how to spice veggies and nuts to make a meal without cooking it..and that's call raw food..the class two is how to cook vegan/ital food by the river...meals and juices will be provided after all class .then feel free to go for a swim in the river and relax in nature.
Art and Brunch
Art and Brunch Guest will be welcomed with a glass of perfect herbal tea and healthy smoothie or green juice . Guest will then join a fun and entertaining professional Art instructor and entertainer . Who will host a number of art classes with guests including, origami, painting , drawing , jewelry and , crafts in an entertaining manner . The classes can be a one on one experience, pairs , couples , or group experience. The classes are family friendly and welcome families and children. Food and drinks will be available.
Sea Tubing & Natural Mineral Pool Experience in Ocho Rios
Due to the fragile nature of water tubes, a specific tube may not be available. -Alternative times & dates are available upon request - Great for Team-building & large groups. Only 1 water tubing ride for approx. 15-20 minutes (approx. 2 miles). Extra rides is $25US pp. Your adventure starts when you arrive at the Ocho Rios Bay Marina. Once there, you’ll be greeted by a Splash Time Water Sports representative. You will hop on a water tube pulled by a speedboat for a thrilling ride (you control the speed) as you head north to the natural mineral pool. Then, Arrive at Mahogany Beach. Relax & vibe to reggae tunes (beach chairs $5). Swim and bathe in a natural mineral pool known for its healing powers. Get massaged by “The Healer”, for a fee. A bar & grill is available. Additional water sports are available for a fee. When finished, you’ll cruise back to the marina on a boat while listening to a narrated tour of the Ocho Rios coastline.
Horseback riding, Trail & Sea in Ocho Rios
- NO WEIGHT LIMITS - Alternative times & dates are available upon request This experience is great for team-building & large groups. Your adventure starts upon arrival at the stables, you will be welcomed by your host Jermaine, who will give you a short introduction and tell you what to expect on your tour. Then, the horse attendants will help you saddle up and you’ll be on your way. Upon your trusty steed, you’ll take a scenic tour through lush bush where you’ll see & learn about different species of plant life as well as the small fishing village you’ll trot through. Your horseback riding tour continues as you make your way to an untouched white sand beach that stunningly contrasts with azure waters, mountain tops, and painted skies. There, you’ll gallop through the refreshing sea water stopping for photos or swimming before you return to the stables. NOTE: Jamaica laws does not allow you to ride independently. A guide will remain by your horse’s side the entire time. - Safety gear (helmet, life jackets, ect. must be requested). - Tipoing is optional, NOT required. There will be a lot of people assisting you. The only person that should be tipped is your personal guide.
Bob Marley Birthday Month Tour
A truly Jamaican cultural story tour beginning at the famous Devon House with its rich history of centuries past, then on to the world famous Bob Marley Museum tracing the ascension of reggae music and the rastafarian who made that genre spread globally. Our next stop would be The National Gallery, archiving our famous artists depicting all the rich vibrant moods of the Jamaican art scene. The Trench Town Culture Yard Museum the roots of many Jamaican superstars, probably most notably, Bob Marley would be our final stop. The culture yard is a piece of history that was preserved in time. The tour gives an authentic feel of what it was like growing up in a Jamaican "government yard" in the 60s coming forward and highlight personalities that evolved from Trench Town. There will also be a stop at our Heroes Park showcasing our National Heroes burial ground with war memorials & funerary monuments. This rich experience for the day would leave the individual with a fulfilled cultural experience complimenting any Jamaican vacation. Other things to note Excellent safe knowledgeable driver with years of experience doing small group or individual cultural tours in the city capital and across the island. Guests should wear comfortable footwear and adequate sun protection. Each venue MAY charge an entry fee for guided tour so CASH is recommended.
Luxurious Jamaican Yacht Experience
Join me on our fantastic yacht for a 4-hour adventure that's truly special. Our trip starts at Margaritaville, where our friendly crew will greet us and make sure we're comfortable on board. As we sail on the clear blue sea, we'll be serenaded by gentle waves and music by our top class Dj. Feel the cool sea breeze as we take in the beautiful views. Our first stop is a private beach. We can swim, Snorkel, relax on a water bed, or just enjoy the sunset. After playing in the water, It's time to satisfy our hunger. We'll have snacks and refreshments for us on the yacht at no additional cost. On our way back, we'll see the sunset, which is the most beautiful part of the trip. Don't forget the cameras! Every trip with us is different because it's our story to tell. Our memories make our trips unique. Whether its a Birthday, Bridal Party, Surprise Proposal or a Work Retreat, there is no better way to sail-a-brate than at sea. Don't miss out. Book your spot and let the sea create an unforgettable adventure for you. Hotel Pickup and Drop-off: Transportation to and from your accommodation is not included but can be arranged at an additional fee. •Food and Drinks: While some snacks and refreshments may be provided, full meals and alcoholic beverages are not included in the price.
Boat cruise to the famous Laughing Waters in Ocho Rios
-Alternative times & dates are available -Inquiry for ages under 5 Great for Team-building & groups. With its cascading waterfalls, golden sand & azure sea, Laughing Waters beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Jamaica. This property is only accessible by sea. Your adventure starts when when you arrive at the Ocho Rios Bay Marina. You’ll be greeted by a Splash Time Water Sports representative. Then, you’ll take a boat ride to the location as your Captain shares interesting facts about Ocho Rios & it’s connections to “James Bond” movies. At the Laughing Waters location, take a swim, bathe, or climb the falls, or relax on the beach & vibe to the cool sounds of the sea. For the return trip, take in the spectacular views of the shoreline as we make our way back to the marina. But before you get there, enjoy a stop to visit the dolphins. You may bring your own snacks & drinks and don’t forget to bring your camera & waterproof bag and shoes.
Taste of Jamaica Farm and Food Tour
Welcome to the Taste of Jamaica Farm and food Tour A working Farm and Medicinal Herbal Garden The Farm is located just outside of Ocho Rios in St Ann, Jamaica. And we are sure that you would just love it too! Here’s something to think about – 51 percent of the world’s medicinal herbs are grown right here in Jamaica and over a hundred species of these plants are grown right here on our farm. On the tour you will see that all our herbs are labeled with both local and botanical names and what’s more, your friendly and knowledgeable guide will be more than happy to share his wealth of knowledge of the miracle healing properties of these herbs. The property also houses an agricultural produce farm and there you can view these items and also learn from the experience. Coffee lovers would be delighted to know that there is also a small coffee farm on the property, along with several fruit trees and animals including rabbits, chickens and goats. At the end of the two hours tour you get to relax and enjoy Jamaican Jerk Chicken with Festivals and refreshment. Then, take a walk through our gift shop and select the medicinal herbs that you wish to take back home with you, from our packaged and ready-to-sell stock. This tour offers pickup service from your vacation location anywhere in and around Ocho Rios, Cruise post aswell.
Dunns River, Blue Hole, and White River Day Tour
Get ready for a full day of fun experiencing Ocho Rios! Our Experience will be a day of river hopping and some delicious local food! We will visit the famous Dunns River Falls, Blue Hole and the local side of White River! We will also enjoy some delicious local lunch from some of our favorite vendors in the town. A Real, True, Jamaican Experience! 9:30am: Pick up. 10:30am: Dunns River Falls 1:30: Local lunch in Ocho Rios (lunch is included) 2:30: Blue Hole Tour: Includes cliff diving and mud bath 4:30pm: White River Tour (local side of the river) 6:30pm: End of tour (light snacks will be provided to accompany you back home) This is a truly amazing day Experience that you can't get anywhere else. If you want to Really see Ocho Rios, this is the tour to book. We also do additional tours which we can customize for you based on your preferences. **We can also accommodate larger groups if you send us a message**
Thrilling Speedboat Cruise to Mineral Pool in Ocho Rios
- Alternative times & dates are available - Inquire for ages under 5 This experience is great for team-building & large groups. Your adventure starts when you arrive at the Ocho Rios Bay Marina, you’ll be greeted by your host, a Splash Time Water Sports representative. WHAT WILL YOU DO: The boat ride is approximately 30 minutes long (based on speed of the boat). 1. 1st stop, dolphin sightseeing in their habitat at Moon Palace resort. Then cruise along the coastline for a narrated tour & amazing views. 3. Then, stop at Lovers Cave for a peek or quick swim. 4. Finally, you’ll arrive at Mahogany Beach. Relax & vibe to reggae tunes (beach chairs $5). Swim and bathe in a natural mineral pool known for its healing powers. The restaurant & bar sales jerk meats, seafood, and more. Water sports, body massages & hair braiding is available too. 5. When you’re ready to leave, you’ll take a boat ride back to the marina.
Paint, Sip and Inspire --Creating a Beautiful Picture
The activity will take place in the Masterpiece Gallery and Studio. In the space the participants can view my art gallery and learn about my art journey as a Jamaican Creative. Then they we will paint a picture together. All the art supplies: artboard, apron, brushes, paint etc. will be laid out for the session. Persons will follow step by step instructions on how to create the piece of artwork. They are encouraged to tap into their own creative space to create a unique piece of art that will help them to connect with and remember their visit to Jamaica. I will provide guidance and feedback to each personally individually as we go along. During the session, we will have story time, where I share my stories and inspirational insights on being a creative in Jamaica and my journey to painting my life beautifully. At the end, the participants will take away their completed artwork. For the Holiday Season, I will be gifting copy of my book: "Life on Canvas", The Art of Painting Your Life Beautifully.
Mandeville Jamaican Street Food Tour
The Jamaican Food Lover tour is in the town of Mandeville, manchester. It is none like the other tours . Take a break from the beach, sun and sea and experience real Jamaican food and living. Eat like a Jamaican, be a Jamaican! Bring your belly come and don't be afraid to eat! We offer a friendly and professional food tours around the town of Mandeville just for three hours. Guests will first taken to a soup vendor to warm up their stomach with a hot cup of Jamaican Soup. (Soups included in tour price) The next stop will be to one of the islands best patty shops, to eat some delicious cocktail pies with different fillings from beef, chicken to vegetables. (This is the typical snack or lunch that most Jamaicans eat daily) THE NEXT STOP IS at a "JERK CHICKEN PAN" Eat Jerk chicken on the road side like a Jamaican. (Jerk chicken is the Jamaican bbq and it is what we are known for worldwide!!! You have to try it the Authentic way) Its time to sweet up your mouth... for sweet tooths , Lets walk to the best bakery in Mandeville town and enjoy a slice a cake. The final stop to end it all, is some coconut water at a fruit stall or a snow cone vender. (Coconut water or snow cone is included in price) Food
Snorkeling, natural mineral pool & beach fun in Ocho Rios
Swimming experience is NOT required. -Alternative times & dates are available upon request -Inquire for ages under 5 This experience is great for Team-building & large groups. Your adventure starts when you arrive at the Ocho Rios Bay Marina, you’ll be greeted by a Splash Time Water Sports representative. Then, the fun will start. While on the boat, take in the scenery from the sea & learn about Ochie as you make our way to the snorkeling location, about 5 minutes up the sea. Once you arrive, you'll receive snorkeling & safety instructions from your lifeguard whom will snorkel with you & give you a tour of the sea. You’ll see tropical fish (feed them from your palm), find beautiful coral reefs, like, fire coral and brain coral that inhabit Jamaica’s sea. After snorkeling, enjoy a cruise to Lover’s Cave for a sneak-peek or a quick swim to explore, then sail over to Mahogany beach to dry in the sun or take a dip into the mineral pool. Once completed, you’ll return to the marina and back to your original pickup point.
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