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Esplora il Lago di Lugano in kayak
Muovendoti al ritmo lento della tua pagaia , scoprirai angoli nascosti del Lago di Lugano dalla prospettiva di un kayak . Condividerai la tua esperienza con una guida esperta che saprà' introdurti alla disciplina se sei un principiante o sapra' darti nuovi consigli se sai gia' pagaiare . Altre cose da tenere a mente Presentarsi gia' vestiti per andare in kayak con costume, maglietta , cappellino per il sole , crema protettiva e scarpe o sandali da acqua. Forniremo sacche stagne per effetti personali da portare in kayak con noi
Yoga practice in the beauty of Lugano
Being fully immersed in the beauty of Lugano is not just being there, it is also charging your body, mind, and soul with the energy of this place. The practice of Yoga would be the right gate to see and live with a higher level of presence and vibration in the city's magic. Lead from my voice and experience, you will have fun and the right balance between movements and stillness, exploring your inner self. You can have the opportunity to choose the style and pace of your session, either if you like to focus on something in particular or have a 360° class. The session has no limit on age or personal experience with Yoga, it would be the right opportunity to practice for each person who will attend it. If the weather will allow us to be outside, we will have the blessing to enjoy also the beauty of Lugano's parks, if not, a dedicated space will be hosting our class. About me: I am Naima and I have been teaching Yoga for more than 5 years, traveling around the world to spread my passion. I love to teach dynamic practices like Vinyasa Yoga and Power Yoga, but also the calm ones like Gentle Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Meditation. I can blend them accordingly to your needs and desires, it will be for me a pleasure to be part of your holiday here in Lugano. Please don't be shy to contact me with any questions or information you need. With love and light, Naima
Dumpling Making on Lake Lugano
This workshop will be a dumpling making workshop, taught by myself, a Singaporean-Austrian architect who loves Chinese cooking. Participants will come up to Montagnola, a small village located 2km outside of Lugano that is easily accessible via public bus. Our home overlooks the mountains, and has a beautiful outdoor area for eating or working, depending on the weather. Participants will arrive and be greeted with prosecco/ a welcome drink to begin the experience. Participants will all be given a copy of the dumpling recipe (and emailed afterwards). The ingredients will all be out on the table in small bowls, and participants will help with some chopping of vegetables, tofu and/or meat for the dumplings. Music will be playing and snacks will be available while participants help us cook. We will have a festive atmosphere! Participants will mix the ingredients and then begin making the dumplings. We will have the skins already available, and participants will be instructed how to fold them in various ways. As participants are working, we will be preparing some other food to go with the meal -Chinese vegetables (string beans, baby eggplant, broccoli, etc) and some sort of rice or noodle dish depending on participants' preferences. Participants will prepare and cook dumplings an then sit down to a wonderful Chinese meal with wine, beer, iced tea, and other beverages
Entdecke den Held in dir im Magic Valley
Entdecke deinen Heldenmut! Wünscht du dir auch manchmal, mutiger zu sein? Viel zu oft haben wir grosse Pläne und würden so gerne etwas wagen, doch unsere inneren Stimmen - oder auch die Stimmen von Aussen - halten uns davon ab. Wir machen uns selbst klein und trauen uns den Schritt nicht zu. Bis wir irgendwann bereuen. Du hast Ideen, Pläne und Visionen? Und stehst vor folgenden Hürden? Du traust dich nicht. Du fühlst dich alleine und unverstanden. Du bist irgendwie blockiert. Unsere inneren Saboteure halten uns oftmals ab von unseren Ideen und Wünschen. So blockieren wir uns selber, bis Unzufriedenheit oder Bedauern immer stärker werden. Möchtest du deinen Heldenmut aktivieren und dich so fühlen? Du bist voller Vertrauen in dich. Du fühlst dich getragen und gehört. Du HANDELST - mutig und heldenhaft. Komm mit uns auf eine Heldenreise im Magic Valley. Bei zwei Wanderungen mit Coaching und Klang entdecken wir deinen Heldenmut, reflektieren Hürden und machen mutig einen ersten Schritt. Die Wanderung dauert ca. 3h und ist in moderatem Niveau.
Yoga al Parco Panoramico Paradiso
Praticheremo yoga al bellissimo parco panoramico Paradiso anche chiamato Guidino che guarda sul lago. L'esperienza è di un'ora e mezza. Dopodiché puoi rilassarti e goderti il ​​panorama. Anche se non hai mai fatto yoga prima puoi comunque venire a praticare! Le lezioni sono per tutti, principianti e non. Altre cose da tenere a mente: porta il tuo materiale. :)
Get back to nature
Join me to explore the natural wonders of Val Calanca, a future Swiss Natural Park at the feet of the Alps. During my childhood, I've spent my summers and weekends exploring the beautiful sceneries of this unspoiled Graübunden valley. It would be lovely if you could join me for a beautiful walk surrounded by nature. The untouched nature, high mountain ranges and the traditional settlements built from stone and wood will leave you breathless. We will follow the Calancasca river, grounding ourselves with nature and rediscovering our connection with the earth. We will then stop by the river to have a picnic accompanied by swiss chocolate and sustainable local delicacies, share meaningful conversations, and a refreshing dip for those not scared by the cold waters.
Familien Abenteuer in den Wäldern von Val Verzasca
This experience is designed for Families with kids, as we will explore together the valley of Verzasca, following a forest-ball-track engraved in the trees, stones and branches following a beautiful path surrounded by nature. We will take a bus that will bring us up in the valley, where the track starts. I will bring with me some spheres that we will release at the start of the track and then follow down as we playfully hike our way back to civilization. On the way there are several nice stops where we can snack something, take a rest, or have a little swim in the river :) At the end of the trail we will take a bus that will bring us back to town, where we first met. If you like dogs, i will happily bring along my italian shepherd. She is 8 years old, of medium size and very very kind to people of all ages, especially children.
Making own sculpture in the Alps
Fill your life with an amazing experience: Have you ever been able to transform Earth into art!? We'll work with clay, yes, that squishy stuff between your fingers not only will bring back fun childhood memories, also also moments of deep concentration, and moments of laughter with strangers that are now your new friends! The sculptures we'll make will represent animals of the Alps -- such as the Swiss cows, goats, sheep, but also we will sculpt people and other figures incorporating stones from the river, and other interesting artifacts from the area. We start getting our hands dirty around 10:00. We have an hour lunch break. You can pack your own lunch or you can join me at my favorite restaurant for a 15chf lunch! After lunch, we will continue working on our sculptures till around 16:00. We'll wrap up the lesson with a small aperitif...on the house! And of course, you'll get to go home with a brand new sculpture made with your very own hands!!
Esplora Lugano con un Fotografo Pro
Partiremo dalla stazione per recarci poi in quelli che sono i miei punti preferiti della città, il tunnel di Besso, il Lac, il lungolago e infine Parco ciani. In ogni punto scatteremo foto e vi racconterò un po' di storia di questa meravigliosa città.
Dalle prime rime rap, allo studio di registrazione
Imparerai a scrivere un brano rap apprenderai le tecniche di registrazione e infine ti recherai in uno studio di registrazione dove artisti di calibro hanno realizzato progetti importanti. In una prima fase acquisirai le conoscenze necessarie per “cavalcare” una strumentale, passando dal concetto di misurazione del beat alla metrica. Scriverai in mattinata la tua prima strofa e/o un ritornello. Inseguito allenerai la tecnica per poi riprodurre la tua opera, infine ti sposterai con il sottoscritto in uno studio professionale dove approfondiremo tecniche di registrazione e materiale necessario per registrare e realizzare il tuo brano.
Scenic cycling tours in Lake Maggiore / Ascona area
We'll meet either at your accommodation or at my address in Brissago. We'll then have a quick breakfast, a short briefing about what we're going to see and what kind of roads we will ride on (elevation, towns, road conditions and so on), and then leave for a 60km ride on the best routes you could imagine. I prefer the less known areas, which are also the quietest and most picturesque. I know the roads so I'll guide you on the best ones in order to make sure you can enjoy the ride, according to your fitness conditions!
Explore Lugano's Secret Wonders - Afternoon Walk
Come with me for a refreshing journey through the hills surrounding the city of Lugano, ideal for Families and small Groups! Onboard of my little Volkswagen Bus I will bring you to some hidden places that only locals know about: - After a brief sightseeing drive through the city center and into the countryside, we will explore the far and least known reaches of Collina D'Oro, a beautiful hillside region in the countryside, not far from the city. There i will show you some unique places that offer a majestic view of the lakes and surrounding mountains, we will walk on a breath-taking path carved in the side of the mountain, surrounded by trees and stop in a meadow to recharge out batteries among the green colours of nature. - To close up I will show you the way to a hidden park that overlooks the whole city of Lugano for a stunning and unforgettable view :) If you like dogs, i will happily bring along my italian shepherd. She is 8 years old, of medium size and very very kind to people of all ages, especially children. If you bring along children, we can also include some games that can be played in the forest. Also, there's some very nice trees that can be safely climbed throughout the way. Let me know in advance so that I can bring some more material for games :)
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