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Uživajte u porodičnoj zabavi na putovanjima u stilu letnjeg kampovanja koja vas motivišu da dane ispunite avanturama na otvorenom.
Lista želja koju je sastavio Airbnb
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Kamper/kamp prikolica, Joshua Tree
Wonderlust Airstream
3 gosta1 spavaća soba2 kreveta1 kupatilo
$287 po noćenju
Šator, Sutton Forest
Glamping at Rockaway Farm - Southern Highlands
4 gosta1 spavaća soba3 kreveta1 kupatilo
$138 po noćenju
Šator, Bar Harbor
Americana Tent, Go Glamping in Bar Harbor
4 gosta2 spavaće sobe3 kreveta1 kupatilo
$250 po noćenju
Mala kuća, Cornwall
Safari Lodge at Coastal Valley Camp and Crafts
6  gostiju3 spavaće sobe4 kreveta1,5 kupatilo
$201 po noćenju
Jurta, 양평군
양평 서종 "초원의 꿈~" 몽골 전통 게르와 넓은 정원... 1팀 단독 사용...
4 gosta1 spavaća soba2 kreveta1 kupatilo
$160 po noćenju
Ceo prostor (objekat za goste), Rolla
Tiny Paradise on the Quarry
6  gostiju1 spavaća soba1 krevet1 kupatilo
$175 po noćenju


Vožnja brodom
Sail Magnificent Lake Lucerne
Šta ćemo da radimo:
Release the shorelines, hoist the sail, steer the boat, navigate and maneuver - or simply sit back and admire the majestic panorama of Alpine peaks. How active or passive you want to be, is up to you, and nobody is judging you. We're sailing on the magnificent Lake Lucerne - it doesn't get much better than that. Experienced sailors and absolute first-timers are equally welcome. And I'm equally happy to operate the boat myself, or guide you gently so you can develop and safely practice your sea-skills. Our starting point is Marina Lützelau on the North shore of the lake. After a short safety briefing, we release the shorelines and set sail across the lake to the foot of the dramatic Bürgenstock, towering 700m (2300ft) above us. Care for a dip in the cool water? This could be our refreshing swimming stop. Hungry? we will savour fresh specialities from a local cheese factory and neighbouring farms. We continue towards Weggis, a serene, 900-year-old village on the slopes of Mount Rigi. Sailing gives us unique views of the village, often termed the 'Riviera' of central Switzerland. Our trip ends back where we started, at the Marina Lützelau. For your peace of mind: I've never seen anyone feeling sea-sick on the lake, not even those who suffer at sea. The cockpit is safe: accidentally falling overboard is impossible. Cancellation due to rain includes a full refund. Other things to note Boat etiquette: if you're not having fun, you're not doing it right. Sailing in the rain is no fun, and unsafe, so in case of unfavourable forecast 24h in advance I will cancel with a full refund.
3 sataMaksimalni broj osoba: 5
Od Cena:$105 po osobi
Sportovi na otvorenom
Archery, Inside or Outside
Šta ćemo da radimo:
Archery: This is called Target or Olympic and is hosted indoors in our modern barn or outside. During your session we will go through a safety talk, then techniques of how to use the equipment and some challenges to help you understand how to get the best from your bow and arrows! We use modern Recurve Bows, Arrows and Arm Bracers. If the weather is good you will also be trying, Aerial Archery: We are the only venue in Wales to offer this, it's like clay pigeon shooting with a bow and arrow! You shoot at a large moving foam disc, trying to work out where the arrow needs to be released. This is a NEW sport and very addictive! Rough age guide 10yrs and over, but it does depend on size, strength and an ability to listen. The session will last about 1 hour. If you don't see a time that works for you, please get i contact. Other things to note Bring outdoor clothes for the Activities. The barn is insulated but not heated. If you don't see a day or time that works for you please feel free to message me. Thanks, Jon
60 min.Maksimalni broj osoba: 6
Od Cena:$56 po osobi
Dnevni izlet
Cetina canyon rafting & cliff jumping
Šta ćemo da radimo:
A tailor-made experience organized thoughtfully to fit any age and any taste. Setting a perfect timing to pass the river privately, to enjoy it to the fullest not disturbed by other commercial companies. This trip is not just rafting; it's cliff jumping, floating through the rapids and much more; altogether considered as a nice opportunity to meet new people and experience what vacation is all about. Itinerary: We meet up in Split city center or pick up guests in front of the accommodation. Then we take a panoramic ride through the countryside and in approx. 50 min we are at our start point. There we prepare the equipment and take a fast course in rafting skills. The rafting itself lasts for 3.5 hrs. Our guests get to feel the dynamic of the water from still and clear to crazy rapids. (Class 2-3) We take several stops when we have fresh fruit snacks, do cliff jumping, swim under a waterfall, or just relax and enjoy the scenery. For saving the best moments like happy, exciting faces caught in the rapids or a bath in the middle of the waterfall we provide a GoPro Hero 9 black action camera. Our finish spot is near a town called Omiš from where we head to Split Other things to note A change of meeting time is possible due to traffic in peak season. For practical reasons we pick up in Split and on our route to the canyon.
6 satiMaksimalni broj osoba: 8
Od Cena:$63 po osobi
Susret sa životinjama
Afternoon tea with Goats
Šta ćemo da radimo:
Come join me for a afternoon tea with tasty finger foods. But wait... there’s more! As you drive in you’ll see our horses greet you in the drive way. Did I mention there will be goats too? You and your guests will visit with our goats and friends on 29 Oaks Ranch. There are small goats, and sometimes baby ones! After we freshen up, you will enjoy a tea tasting and finger foods with a beautiful view of the nearby mountains. This is not your average tea party! Can’t wait to meet you, Jazmin (like the tea ;) ) Dress: be prepared to be around farm animals (think what would be appropriate at a petting zoo) Must be able to get up stairs Follow us on Instagram: 29oakstea Other things to note Must be able to walk up stairs COVID-19 information: I wear a mask at all times during the event and frequently wash my hands per CDC guidelines. Please contact me if you or someone you know has been diagnosed with COVID-19 and you need to cancel or reschedule. Thank you.
2 sataMaksimalni broj osoba: 10
Od Cena:$79 po osobi
Posmatranje divljih životinja
Découverte de la faune avec conservateur
Šta ćemo da radimo:
A bord de mon minibus, je vous emmène en tant que guide pour des excursions axées sur la découverte de la biodiversité sur les chemins du littoral et dans le bocage, principalement autour du golfe du Morbihan ainsi que la baie de Quiberon. Balades de qualité dans le calme, le confort et le respect des animaux et de la Nature par petit groupe de 8 personnes maximum, proposées à tout public et tout au long de l'année, sur des sites remarquables. Matériel d'optique et guides naturalistes d'identification à disposition des person Dans un but pédagogique et pour susciter des vocations et des prises de conscience, la balade est offerte à chaque enfant accompagné d'un adulte. Avant toute réservation, veuillez m'appeler au 06 75 38 85 21 pour convenir ensemble du montant total de l'excursion. Visite personnalisée sur demande. Eventuellement prise en charge départ/ retour sur votre lieu de vacances. Veuillez me contacter au 06 75 38 85 21 pour plus de précisions. Sachez que les lieux à visiter sont multiples et nous aborderons tel thème en fonction de la concentration d'espèces animales, de la saison et des horaires des marées. Vous aurez accès à mon site Internet Les excursions du Chevalier arlequin - Récréatiloups Avant toute réservation, merci de m'appeler afin que je vous fasse la meilleure proposition tarifaire. Autres remarques Balades Nature en empruntant les sentiers (balisés) du littoral/bocage avec découvertes et observations dans le calme de la faune et de la flore (matériel d'optique fourni). Selon la marée descendante ou montante, un circuit sera proposé à bord de mon minibus, en faisant des haltes.
2,5 sataMaksimalni broj osoba: 8
Od Cena:$37 po osobi
Čas surfovanja
Get into/improve your Surfing
Šta ćemo da radimo:
What we’ll do : Discover why Cornwall is a surfers paradise with a two hour surf workshop that will have you catching waves and standing up in no time. Set in the heart of Newquay's beautiful Watergate Bay, we'll take you through surf essentials like beach safety and gear guides before getting you in the water and catching waves. Watergate is the perfect beach to fall in love with both the Cornish coast and this awesome sport.
2,5 sataMaksimalni broj osoba: 7
Od Cena:$49 po osobi