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Iskoristite isceljujuću snagu prirode uz spokojna mesta za kratki odmor koja pružaju meditativno utočište od vreve urbanog života.
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Ceo prostor (vila), Tampaksiring
Experience Outdoor Living at a Garden Haven on the Ridge
10  gostiju4 spavaće sobe7 kreveta3,5 kupatila
$419 po noćenju
Ceo prostor (brvnara), Yelapa
Vereda Palapa -Moringa
4 gosta2 spavaće sobe0 kreveta1,5 kupatilo
$115 po noćenju
Mala kuća, Callian
La Bastide du Baou « Les Rosiers »
2 gosta1 spavaća soba1 krevet1 kupatilo
$128 po noćenju
Koliba, Emerald
Alkira Eco-Glamping Retreat
2 gosta1 spavaća soba1 krevet1 kupatilo
$159 po noćenju
Ceo prostor (planinska kuća), Val-des-Monts
2 gosta1 spavaća soba1 krevet1 kupatilo
$248 po noćenju
Privatna soba, Occidental
Vineyard Retreat with Spa and Pool
2 gosta1 spavaća soba1 krevet1 privatno kupatilo
$332 po noćenju


Pešačenje sa vodičem
Mountain Bliss Yoga Hike
Šta ćemo da radimo:
Leanna will take you on a beautiful hike to the top of Apache Wash mountain, then lead you through a blissful yoga flow where you can enjoy fresh air and a view that will awaken your senses and enhance your wellness journey. If you have questions or special requests, or are interested in another day/time that you don't see listed, please don't hesitate to ask so that I may accommodate you : )
2 sataMaksimalni broj osoba: 10
Od Cena:$79 po osobi
Čas velnesa
Jungle Singing Bowls Healing Meditation
Šta ćemo da radimo:
We will start by introducing the participants and creating an intention for the session. After we lie down and do meditation to relax the body. Further, in the first part, non-contact vibro-acoustic ringing of participants' bodies with singing bowls will be carried out, during which work will be done with balancing energy centers (chakras), breaking down internal blocks and clamps in the body, harmonizing energy flows. The process will use universal healing energy. In the second part there will be a Sound Bath of singing bowls, during which you can relax by the sounds of these wonderful instruments, clear your mind, start internal regenerative processes in the body, plunge deeply into a journey through the inner world. After that we will do a little meditation on awakening and will slowly come back to the sounds of the guitar and peaceful songs. In the end, we will drink herbal tea and share our sensations and feelings from the session. Yoga Nidra, Yoga Of Sound, Sound Meditation Small group: up to 4 people Morning session: 11am Evening session: 6pm Other things to note Start time of the event, see the schedule: Morning session: 11am Evening session: 6pm (The time may vary, please see the schedule) Write me if you have any questions.
90 min.Maksimalni broj osoba: 4
Od Cena:$36 po osobi
Šetnja u prirodi
Soak in a hot spring under the stars
Šta ćemo da radimo:
The night begins at the trail head, next to the hoover dam. We ready ourselves with our headlamps, load our packs, and begin our decent into the canyon. The hike is 6 miles long, with a variety of challenging, yet enjoyable obstacles that all ages can attempt. Guests will have to ascend/descend ropes, scale rocks, and marvel at the honed canyon walls. But the best part, are the hot springs. About 3/4 of the way down there our some beautiful springs the guests can hop in as a reward for the long hike in. If guests do not desire to get in these pools we will push onward towards the end of our hike, the Colorado river. It is as majestic as it is crucial to the existence of our fair city. From power, and our main water source this river has literally shaped the surrounding lands making even a barren desert, rich with life. After a much needed rest we will begin the ascent back up the canyon. This hike usually takes 3.5 - 5 hours based off the pace of the hikers. All guests should have proper footwear, with decent grip, also waterproof is recommended. Other things to note This hike is very manageable by most hikers, but there are some physical obstacles that will demand some exertion.
4,5 satiMaksimalni broj osoba: 5
Od Cena:$150 po osobi
Čas joge
Aerial Yoga on the Beach
Šta ćemo da radimo:
I will welcome you at the wooden deck on the beach of "Balneario de Rincon" ready for class. We will open the class with an intro to the aerial equipment and safety tips. Practicing safely is a must in aerial class which is why I specialize in small lessons (3 people max) which allows me to devote all my attention to each participant – making sure you get the most out of the session in a safe environment. You will be guided through various warm-ups, poses and sequences influenced by yoga, pilates, dance, and gymnastics. Included are slow, deep, opening stretches. Be prepared to have fun and have an unforgettable experience while visiting Puerto Rico! Other things to note Location may change depending on weather or tide. I will notify you of any changes with enough time.
60 min.Maksimalni broj osoba: 3
Od Cena:$39 po osobi
Pešačenje sa vodičem
Native spirit Guide
Šta ćemo da radimo:
We start generally early in the morning, meet up and go for a short hike to our destination. This Requires comfortable shoes and clothing. I supply water and fruit for hydration and in case someone needs sugar. I bring all the supplies which includes, singing Bowl, drum, pastels, sketch pad and sage (for smudging) plus a blanket. My destinations are Chimney rock Medicine Wheel, Boyton Canton, Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock and Airport Mesa. We will do energy work, Meditation, individual And group healing. Enjoying the quiet Serenity and the Amazing Energy Of the red rocks. I will offer my knowledge of the Vortexes and the history of SEDONA. Mostly this will be a journey within! Leaving this experience with a new fresh look on life! Be the change!!! Love it all!!! Other things to note I can accommodate almost anyone! If they have a handicap I will gladly make sure that it won’t inhibit their experience!
60 min.Maksimalni broj osoba: 10
Od Cena:$140 po osobi
Pešačenje sa vodičem
Meditative Mountain Hike
Šta ćemo da radimo:
Lets get out of the city and inhale the ridiculous beauty of the PNW. Gain healing wisdom from Mother Earth and reconnect with your own inner, still voice during a guided meditation and a silent 3 mile, low elevation gain hike. We'll debrief the victories and defeats discovered and leave with a clear mind and a game plan to soothe the day-to-day craziness of being human. Other things to note Transportation to the trail from downtown included. Coffee and camera welcome, and be sure to wear comfortable clothing/shoes. This is a very special experience; bring an open heart and open mind.
3 sataMaksimalni broj osoba: 4
Od Cena:$49 po osobi