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    Zašto mi je poruka blokirana ili su delovi teksta uklonjeni iz diskusije na Airbnb-u?

    We may review, scan, or analyze your messages on the Airbnb platform as set out in our Privacy Policy. Additionally, we may block messages from being sent or require text to be removed from messages when we detect words or numbers that might include contact information or references to other sites, including external links. Communicating or paying outside of Airbnb can put you at risk, so we do this to help protect you from potential online fraud.

    We ask that you communicate only through the Airbnb message thread until you have a confirmed Airbnb reservation. After a reservation is accepted, the phone number, listing address, and an anonymized version of your email address are automatically shared.

    By communicating and booking directly through Airbnb, you’ll have access to our secure payments platform, 24/7 customer support, the Host Guarantee, and the Host Protection Insurance program.

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